Creating a Fund

Many people think about making gifts in support of worthy causes in which they are interested but are undecided how best to provide for future care of their donation to insure that it will be applied in such a manner as they direct. Or they may desire to set up a fund with the principal continuing as a perpetual endowment.

This can be accomplished by entrusting your gift to the Lincoln County Foundation, which was organized expressly for the receipt and management of donations to fulfill the wishes and directions of such donors. This plan is favored in making testamentary gifts because it is possible to be assured that even after the donor's death the principle will continue perpetually while the beneficiary(s) enjoys the income as the donor may have directed.

Source of Funds

Gifts and bequests to the Foundation may be made in cash, securities, real estate, or almost any kind of property, both large and small. A donor may name the Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Any gift or bequest may be designated as a memorial. Gifts that are to become endowments should be $5000.00 or greater.

The Lincoln County Foundation is not designed as a money raising venture. The main objective is to create a method of accepting funds from those who, of their own volition, wish to give and contribute in a material way to the welfare of the people if Lincoln County.

We do not contemplate campaigning for funds. We do, however, want to make the availability of our services know to the community.

Steps for Creating a Fund with the 

Lincoln County Foundation

  1. Organize a group around some charitable purpose.
  2. Appoint an Advisory Committee and agree on a "Name".
  3. (Not required but a good idea) Form a nonprofit Oregon Corporation (not a 501(c)(3) and obtain an IRS Identification number. (LCF can act as an umbrella 501(c)(3) for your tax deduction and grant application fiscal needs).
  4. Advisory Committee arranges a meeting with an LCF Board Member from your area and members of the LCF Committee.
  5. Agree on a draft of a "Letter of Agreement". (LCF will furnish "Boiler Plate" models of letters of agreement.)
  6. Share and revise the draft with your organization.
  7. LCF or your attorney will write a final draft of the Letter of Agreement.
  8. Advisory Committee Members and LCF Board President will sign the Letter of Agreement.
  9. Advisory Committee will make a small deposit to activate the Fund.
  10. We are in a business relationship.

You are invited to discuss any aspect of the Lincoln County Foundation with its officers or with your banker, attorney or financial planner, all of whom will be most willing to give you further details of the objects and purposes of the Foundation.

Suggested gift forms for wills and living trusts are available. Any Lincoln County attorney can assist you in the preparation of any legal documents necessary for a gift to the Foundation or in the preparation of a will with the Foundation as a beneficiary.

© Kim Carlson 2013